Why APS?

Bottom Line…

APS Billing charges a flat rate of 7% on all monies collected. No contracts and no startup fees.. With the help of APS Billing, you will no longer have to worry about paying insurance, staff turnover, sick days, vacations and even employee competence levels. Nor will your staff time be wasted on hold with insurance companies, stuffing envelopes or answering billing questions. Combine your staff time saved in addition the cost of postage, forms and other office billing supplies – it just makes sense to utilize our services.

Preliminary Cost Analysis Request

If you would like to know how APS Billing could help you, please fill out this preliminary cost analysis. ¬†One of APS Billing’s specialists will contact you within 24 hours to discuss how we may be able to save you time and money. This is a preliminary form only, designed to help us understand your business needs.

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When considering phone expenses, please keep in mind time "wasted". Time holding for insurance companies. This time could be better used booking appointments for new and established patients or taking care of patient issues. Allowing APS Billing to administer will free your staff to tend to patients rather then insurance companies.

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